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License Application Form

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Application should be completed and submitted along with the following materials:

A completed list of products your company would like to make using our IP.

A sample of each product for which you are requesting licensing on (products will not be returned).

Two company catalogs or brochures from the past 12 months.

Submit samples and catalogs/ brochures to:

Kryptek Outdoor Group, LLC.
291 E.Shore Dr., Ste. 150, Eagle, ID 83616

* All steps above must be completed to insure proper processing of the application.

(Use web links for existing products, descriptions for new products)

Website Link / Description
Intended MSRP
Initial Quantity
Estimated Annual Sales

Type of License Requested

Please visit the following links to view all available Kryptek patterns:

(Provide detailed fabric descriptions for fabrics you will need to purchase including weight, fiber content and constitution and/or decoration method for hardgoods.)

List all addresses and countries/states where products would be manufactured or made.)

Country / Location