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Introducing furniture by the Wildlife Gallery Store!

We are proud to announce our new line of Kryptek branded tables and accessories. These hand-crafted pieces are the perfect accent to any trophy room, office, or home setting.

Introducing Skanda Seat Covers by Coverking!

Skanda represents not only a new style, but a new passion, sparked by the love for nature and the outdoors. All covers are designed with the unparalleled depth, look and contrast of authentic Kryptek patterns. These custom fit seat covers are made for the unflinching, untamed and the uncommon. Crafted by veterans with the intrigue of active duty, by hunters and sportsmen. Not for the faint of heart, but for those that seek adventure and stay completely active. Introducing Skanda – inspired style camo covers that truly stand out.

Don't miss the Muley Freak B.A.V. Giveaway!

Kryptek has partnered with Muley Freak to bring you this exciting offer. What’s a B.A.V? It’s a BACKCOUNTRY ASSAULT VEHICLE and we’re giving it away. This B.A.V is tricked out to the max too. So here’s the deal, we seriously are giving this thing away, no gimmicks.

Wiley X® Now in Kryptek® Camouflage Patterns

New for 2017, protective eyewear innovator Wiley X®, Inc. is introducing three popular models that combine the company’s crystal clear vision and military-grade eye protection with the unique styling and outdoor functionality of Kryptek® camouflage.

Kryptek Late Season Kits

With a recent late season South Dakota muzzleloader hunt completed I was able to put a couple of kits to good use and testing. Sondra was lucky enough to draw this coveted tag and the dates in which we could hunt fell on some of the coldest temps we have had this year. 

Ryan Clairmont – Logistics of a Backcountry Hunt

Preparing for a multi-day backpack style hunt is a logistical challenge if you’ve never done it before. But if you follow some basic guidelines you will find it very feasible and not so overwhelming. I am going to discuss my most recent backcountry elk hunt as a case sample and explain the logistics of spending 8 days in the wilderness and getting an elk killed in Idaho and back to my home in Arizona.

Brian Tallerico – The Next Generation

Few memories are etched as deeply in the mind as taking your first deer. Every single year as autumn arrives and the leaves turn and the air cools my thoughts drift back thirty plus years to that Pennsylvanian woodlot where I shot my first buck. Now, with three kids of my own and many grey hairs in my beard, my most precious hunting memories are those shared with my children. My middle child turned 12 in late October last year and therefore missed the deer season in our home state of Wyoming, so it was with great expectations that we climbed the mountain last weekend in search of her first mule deer buck.

Jim Kinsey – Spring Bear Hunting

Hunting spring bear in Western Montana means being ready for what Mother Nature likes to throw at you. I am a die-hard bear Hunter and have been lucky enough to take many bears over my 32 years as a Montana resident. Back in the day my brother Al and I would start chasing bears the day it opened (April 15th) until the season closed. Back then we had a mixed bag of apparel that worked ok but never had the edge we needed when the going got tough.

Jon Yokley – 2016 Archery Pronghorn in Arizona!

In June of 2016 my friend Tiger and I started our scouting and setting cameras. We made it our obligation to go out at least one if not both days every weekend until opener. We wanted to know every possible angle so we could possibly pull out a few more bucks again this year. 

Jon Yokley – Arizona Muleys

My friend Tiger and I had just finished up our fantastic archery Pronghorn season here in Arizona. We spent many weeks preparing for that hunt and we were fortunate enough to tag out on two nice spot and stalk P&Y 70” class bucks.