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Outdoor Cap Company

Outdoor 301IS Camo Hat/Cap

Patented Kryptek camo pattern cap. Structured construction with adjustable back, snap enclosure, pro round crown and a durable cotton/polyester canvas. Available in multiple patterns.

Outdoor 315M Camo Hat/Cap

The ultimate camouflage hunting cap featuring a structured build, pro mid crown, and camo meshback panels.

Outdoor 350 Camo Hat/Cap

No frills, no messing around. Structured build with a pro-mid crown. Made with durable cotton/polyester canvas. This is your essential camo hunting cap. Available in multiple patterns.

Outdoor CGW-175M Camo Hat/Cap

Premium camo hunting cap with an unstructured build, low crown, cotton/polyester canvas panels, and a tuck strap back. Low profile and comfortable.

Outdoor PAH-100C Camo Hat/Cap

Essential camouflage hunting cap built for use with a headset in the field. Features an unstructured build with low profile. Moisture wicking sweatband to keep you comfortable. Available in multiple patterns.

Outdoor PFC-100 Camo Hat/Cap

Looking for a pure camo hat for your outdoor excursions? Look no further. Structured build with a low profile crown, and antimicrobial cooling sweatband. Keep yourself comfy and cool in the toughest conditions. Available in multiple patterns.

Outdoor PFC-150M Camo Hat/Cap

Mesh back panel camouflage hunting cap with structured build. Cooling and antimicrobial technology built in for comfort in the field. Available in multiple patterns.

Outdoor PFX-700 Camo Hat/Cap

The ultimate no-nonsense hunting cap. Featuring a low crown, structured construction and superior moisture-wicking construction for comfort. Available in multiple camo patterns.

Outdoor PVR-100 Camo Visor

Essential camouflage hunting visor with cooling and moisture-wicking technology built in. Available in multiple patterns.