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This jacket is a winner
This material really is zero acoustic.  If you want to stay dry and be silent at the same time, this is the jacket for you.  Thank you Kryptek for designing this fleece.  
Steve | 8/4/2016 7:04 PM
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Fleece is Back!
I was skeptical at first. It has been so long since I have tried wearing fleece and decided to give the Vellus garments a try.

My initial reaction was how comfortable the fit was. The next reaction was amazement at how quiet it was while doing some vigorous exercised trying to make it make noise! Nothing!

I used in in wet conditions in temps in the 20's and loved its performance! Fleece that is windproof and waterproof?! How can you go wrong!

Great addition to any kit!!
Jared | 10/6/2016 5:43 PM
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Great Tree Stand Jacket
I wear this jacket while tree stand hunting in Michigan for whitetails. It is perfect for those cooler mornings where it might dip down into the high 30's or anytime it's super windy in that 40-50 degree range. The jacket is very comfortable and very quiet. The hand pockets are great because the are located inside the insulation layer so your hands stay pretty warm.
I am 6'2" 215 lbs and a large fits perfect. I can layer underneath with the vellus vest with no problem.
Bob | 10/11/2016 8:03 PM
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great jacket
This jacket is fantastic!  It is very soft and comfortable, but completely water and windproof.  I have worn it duck hunting in the pouring rain and stayed completely dry.  Only suggestion I have so far would be a neoprene or elastic cuff around the wrist to keep water from running back down  your sleeves.  
Damon | 1/13/2017 2:17 PM
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Great outer layer.
I have used the Vellus set for whitetail hunting in the northern part of Michigan, in temps from around 25f to 50f. If layered correctly this will keep you warm. It is lightweight and quiet which is nice when stalking through brush. It has kept both the wind and the rain off of me which has allowed me to stay out longer. I am 6ft 145lbs and the M fits well with room for layering underneath when i need it.
Shawn | 11/23/2017 7:18 PM
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great piece of kit
I just recently bought the Vellus Jacket and pants concerned that I was spending money on hype but hoping for the best.  My first time out hunting, it was in the upper 20's low 30's with a steady wind.  After about two hours out in the field, I realized that the only thing remotely cold on me, were my hands.  With only a light underlayer and the jacket and pants I was perfectly comfortable.  The next day the temperature rose to the mid 40's and I never got hot either.  I would purchase again.
Joe | 12/21/2017 9:31 PM
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My dream come true
As a lady hunter, this jacket is my number one.  It is wind and water proof and thick enough to really keep my temperature under control while on a mountain spot and stalk.  It has lots of pockets and the hood stays up well even in high winds.  I could not get through most hunts without this.  I even wear it on the shooting range in between stages to stay warm and comfy.
Leslye | 4/20/2018 3:49 PM
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Here in Oklahoma, it gets cold. Duck season in 2017 i seen it in the negatives  only wearing this jacket and a base layer with my waders.  I never got cold, i would recommend this to anyone that is looking.
Corban | 8/14/2018 3:19 PM
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Variety in wear ability
I've utilized the set (jacket and pants) in temperatures ranging from 10-50 degrees, with the proper layers the Vellus preformed fantastically.  Weather conditions were just as demanding and the Vellus again was great. I used this from Maine to Kentucky on hunting and hiking  adventures, please note this is not a totally silent garment. The Vellus is fleece layered. Disappointed in the noise level. As a Guide and bow Hunter this is desired. Overall a near excellent garment.
Jim | 1/13/2019 9:49 AM
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