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Mountain Mobility
I hunt mountains.  The average day is between 3-12 miles of spot and stalk in steep terrain.  

This jacket is always with me for late fall and winter hunts.  It is quiet and has worked flawlessly in different temps combined with a base and the Dalibor.

At this point this gear combined with wool are the only things I wear to chase elk, whitetail, muley, wolves, bears, squirrels, etc in every weather condition.

If you are mobile and need lightweight, warm, quiet, and durable this will do it.
James | 11/2/2016 6:50 PM
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Cadog Jacket and Pants: Extended Use Review
I purchased the Cadog Jacket and Pants in 2012 in a "famous outfitters: retail store. I had a chance to try on similar clothing from other established companies side by side with Kryptek. I am 5'11', 200lbs wear 34-32 pants and Large/XL jacket. Anyone who has an even remotely athletic build will love the fit.  For overall fit and comfort Kryptek was clearly above other companies products and and pockets and ventilation options are great, especially pocket placement on both Cadog Jacket and Pants.  

Now, after the initial try-on and eval, lets move forward 5 years

My hunting territories are normally along the Iowa/Illinois border and the Cascade foothills in western Washington. These are two completely different areas with different terrain, climate, foliage, wildlife, hunting style and most importantly, different deer. Midwest Whitetail and  Washington Blacktail Deer   Elk.

My Cadog Jacket/Pants are still in great shape after 5 years of every good/bad/ugly hunting scenario i can think of. Freezing midwest cold stand hunting? Add a good base layer and no problem. Washington rain, snow, hail? No Problem. I have continually been impressed at how water-resistant this stuff is. Even when its an mid-season "balmy" day, the added ventilation really helps keep the sweat down. Walking through miles of every type of unfriendly foliage, mud, rocks, etc,, the Cadog set has exceeded expectations in every way.

Also: the knee pad inserts are absolutely awesome rough terrain. If you are a stand hunter, you probably wont need them. If you hunt in more rugged, i hope i don't fall down there type of terrain, spend the extra $$ and get them.

Rating = Excellent   1!!!

Thanks for making great stuff!
Joel | 5/18/2017 7:45 PM
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Awesome Jacket!
Got this jacket almost a month ago. I live near the Canadian border along the Rockie Mtn front of northern Montana, and the day I got it, the weather was pretty nasty, blizzard conditions and temps in the teens to single digits. I put this on with my long sleeve T-shirt hoodie and the wind and temps never seemed to penetrate it. I even started to sweat a lil in the arms so I opened the armpit zippers and cooled off just right. I got the coat in Typhon pattern and get comments on the coat almost daily. Went hunting in the coat as well and that's what it's made for, the rain also beads off and remained dry in the lil drizzle we got. Great jacket!!! The size I got was 3x and I coulda done the 2x but the extra room is nice, especially if you got wide power lifting shoulders, wide upper back and 21.5" guns. I'm 5'11.5" 270. Sizes run true to my figuring.
Alex R. | 11/25/2017 11:23 AM
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While this jacket is designed for cold conditions the armpit zips combined with the ventilated arm and chest pockets provides an impressive temperature range for comfort based on exertion or ambient temp. I live in Alaska and hunt here as well as in Montana; it works well for spring and fall hunts and layers well in winter.  I appreciated this jacket for hunting so much that I purchased a second one in typhoon and use it regularly as simply an ever day jacket. Size seems to run true and it is a comfortable functional jacket that moves with you. Don't leave home without it!
Seth | 5/10/2018 12:33 AM
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Outstanding Jacket
I bought this jacket along with a lit if other Kryptek gear bank in the winter.  In my testing it kept me very warm on below 20 degree weather.  All I had on was a t-shirt and this jacket for walking around.  When I sat for a long time I did add my Aquillo jacket over the t-shirt and under the Cadog jacket.  With this set up I am sure I could easily be comfortable down to 0 degrees.  The wateproofing is also quite impressive, the water beads up and rolls right off.  Literally.
Sam | 8/3/2018 9:56 AM
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Will not be disappointed!
I bought this as a winter jacket, due to the style(hate puffy jackets). This jacket is amazing it keeps me warm with just a tshirt underneath, through winter. Waterproof outside fleece inside. I cant say enough. I have 2 years into this jacket and it looks and performs as good as they day it arrived!
Justin | 1/9/2019 1:40 PM
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