Dan Catlin
US Army
Time in Service
5 Years
Alma, Michigan


Dan was born and raised in a Central Michigan farm community… Alma, Michigan; taught from an early age to respect God, Country, and the great outdoors. Dan enlisted in the United States Army, Military Police, in 1991 and served his country proudly during the Desert Storm War era. After serving five years active duty, Dan returned home to serve his local community; first as a local Sheriff’s Deputy and then as a Police Officer for the Mt. Pleasant City Police Department. During his time as a civilian Police Officer Dan was assignment to the Emergency Services Team, and spent 3 years as an undercover narcotics detective.

During those years of service to his country and community, Dan enjoyed frequent trips afield with his friends and family. He has hunted for over 30 years in eight different states and also in Canada and Africa. When collecting a trophy, Dan is not immune to measurements of antlers and horns, but truly believes the “trophy” is the time spent in God’s country with the people he cares about most.

This love and passion for the outdoors has channeled into wildlife artistry and taxidermy. During Dan’s last several years of Law Enforcement service, he began to study taxidermy and compete with his skills, which gained him much recognition in the industry. Dan eventually took early retirement from his police career to join The Wildlife Gallery Team, where he now serves as the company’s Taxidermy Studio General Manager.

Dan is honored to join the ranks of the Kryptek Pro Staff & Team. He believes in their products, customer service, and commitment to Country. Dan feels the Kryptek Outdoor Group displays and supports common goals and principles as he and The Wildlife Gallery. It is with much pride and respect that Dan wears their quality products for both work and in the backcountry.

Dan Catlin
Taxidermy Studio General Manager
Office 989-561-5369
Cell 989-621-7015