Army National Guard
Time in Service
17 Years
12B, Freelance Writer/Photographer, Professional Hunter
South Dakota


Jared “J-Rod” Bloomgren was born and raised in the Dakota’s where he still lives today. His skills have been honed from years spent in the outdoors learning all that he can about the environment and the animals in which he hunts. He has been very successful at harvesting animals in a wide range of habitat by use of various weapons. He is proud of being a DIY hunter who hunts primarily public land to bring home the trophies in which provide for his family. Jared has been in the SD National Guard for 16 years as a Combat Engineer where he serves in the officer ranks today. He enlisted in the military to fulfill one of his Father’s last wishes and he will continue to serve until he is unable to do so.

Jared was looking for a company that will support his endeavors and stand behind their products and services. “Kryptek Outdoor Group is a company that I can trust; not only their products, customer service and support but also the fact that it is a Veteran owned company who stands behind everything that a true blooded American should. When looking for a company that has it all, Kryptek was the perfect fit for me, the gear is top of the line in comfort and technology and the camo is second to none. I look forward to supporting Kryptek with all that I’ve got; in both the Battlefield and the Backcountry!”