Jon Yokley
Biz Owner/Pro Hunter
Kingman, AZ


My name is Jon Yokley and I live in Kingman which lies in the northwest corner of Arizona. I started hunting at the age of 9 but once I discovered the great sport of bow hunting, I was hooked. I recently celebrated my 55th birthday, and love and respect the sport more than ever. I also hold 5 world records in Drug Free power lifting, specifically bench press, and hold 18 national records plus 19 Arizona state records. All the records I hold vary between 450 lbs. & that magical 500 lb. mark done at 165 to 181 lb. body weight. I set these records between1984 -2001 with records posted in many different powerlifting magazines and web sites. Most have not been broken. I had to retire from competitive power lifting following shoulder surgery in 2001 but I’m still in the gym a minimum of 4 days a week to continue my extensive training for this addicting sport called archery. Physical fitness plays a major role in my bow hunting success.

I was first accepted by BowTech in June, 2006 as pro hunting staff member. This is where the pro staff adventure began. I am currently the pro staff manager for Kryptek Outdoors and S4 Gear. I also represent and am on the pro staff for the following companies: Kryptek Outdoors, Carbon Express, G5 Outdoors, Bohning Archery, Scott Archery, CBE (Custom Bow Equipment), Commando Calls, Vortex Optics, Tenzing Packs, Heads Up Decoys, Hamskea Archery Solutions, Caribou Gear Game Bags, Trophy Taker, S4 Gear-Field Logic, ABB-Americas Best Bowstrings, Lone Wolf Knives, Block Targets and Glen Del Bucks . I’m featured on the web sites of Bowtech, S4 Gear, G5 Outdoors, Kryptek, Bohning Archery, Scott Archery, CBE, (HUD) Heads up Decoys, Trophy Taker,Tight Spot Quivers and Caribou Gear Game Bags all under “Pro Staff”. I have my own web site @ and a Media Company called Milestone Media Management which features many of my friends and also my own adventures.

I spend well over a hundred days a year in the field pre scouting, setting cameras, bow hunting and competing in 3D shoots. 98% of my hunting is done with archery tackle but the occasional trophy rifle tag will come along every now and then. I am very passionate about the Desert Mule Deer of Arizona having taken over 30. Also at the top of my favorite’s list are the elusive Coues Deer, our world class Elk, and of course, our Grey Ghost of the Arizona Desert; Javelina.

During my career I have appeared in many magazines, web site stories and blogs. Bowhunt America, Catalog photos for Scott Archery/CBE and Weekend Bowhunter. I am a successful author for Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal and the “ORG” Outdoorsman Resource Guide.

In the last 30+ years I’ve taken well over 100 big game animals with a bow (most of which are DIY) with the milestone of my 100th just taken 1/1/2013. The degree of difficulty hunting on public land in the west poses a big challenge and a different level of success and can be next to impossible to draw a tag for certain species. I am currently working on completing different specie slams. I have taken 8 of Arizona’s Big 10, multiples of many …I am only lacking the Bison & Desert Big Horn only due to lack of drawing a tag. I lack both the Sitka & Colombian Blacktails to complete my North American Deer Slam. Included are the Osceola and Rio turkeys along with the Mountain & Woodland Caribou for these slams. I hunt wherever my bow will take me throughout the state of Arizona as well as Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Missouri, Kansas and the occasion trip to Mexico and Canada.

I am currently representing the following companies:


Kryptek Pro Staff Manager

S4 Gear Pro Staff Manager


Scott Archery

CBE Custom Bow Equipment

Carbon Express

ABB Americas Best Bow Strings

Vortex Optics

Tenzing Packs

Tight Spot Quivers

Trophy Taker Products

Heads Up Decoys

Commando Calls

Benchmade Hunt Knives

Caribou Game Gear

HECS Stealth Screen

G5 Outdoors

Block Targets

Glen Del Bucks