Kenton has spent the last 20 years in the fitness industry, and the past 7 years leading the charge in the "Hunting Athlete" movement. He is dedicated to change the way people prepare physically, mentally and nutritionally for their field adventures. "The wilderness is the ultimate arena for testing our true capabilities... anyone that is not fully prepared is just asking for trouble."

He resides in Washington State with his amazing wife, Heidi, and three kids Jett (6), Harper and Ryder (4).

In addition, Kenton is the Founder of Train to Hunt, a fitness company developed to get hunters physically and mentally ready for their hunting adventures. Train to Hunt also runs a nationwide archery fitness competition called the Train to Hunt Challenge where athletes are tested in fitness and archery skills in venues across the country with an annual National Championship.

-MS Sports Psychology University of Idaho

-BS Physical Education LC State

-CrossFit Level I Coach

-National Academy of Sports Medicine (PES)