Russ Meyer


Russ grew up in the foothills of Idaho and was lucky to have a dad who introduced him to hunting and the outdoors. From a very young age it was obvious he was a hunter. It started with his Red Rider, hunting grasshoppers, frogs and black birds, and soon moved up to ground squirrels, rabbits, and rock chucks as his weapons became more efficient. Sometime around eight or nine, his dad surprised him with a Little Bear recurve, and by the time he was eleven, he had logged countless small game, including his favorite quarry, rock chuck. The archery passion was in his blood for life.

Through the years Russ has been fortunate to have well over 100 successful big game hunts with his Hoyt bows, recurves, longbows, and self-made hickory bows. He has a true passion and respect for the animals he takes, and very much appreciates the meals provided from a successful hunt. Though elk is at the top, he does not have a favorite animal to hunt, just the one that’s in season at the time. His favorite mountain therapy includes bugling bulls, a solid back pack, his bow, and enough food for several days. Time in God’s country is when he feels closest to his maker.

Russ’ passion and success has led him to a career as a hunting consultant and is a co-owner of Outdoors International. With a genuine desire to help other hunters experience a hunt of a lifetime, this is a perfect fit for him. He’s a guy that loves to talk hunting. Hearing his clients’ success stories and seeing their pictures are the rewards of his job. Along with taking people hunting, he has always enjoyed coaching others in hunting and archery.

He’s blessed with a wonderful wife of over 20 years and two great boys. Carole, Jess and Luke also enjoy the outdoors. Carole has taken a few animals with her Hoyts as well. Russ’ oldest son, Jess, is just 15 and has already taken 11 big game animals, mostly with his Hoyt bows. His younger son, Luke, will be hunting big game for the first time this 2015 season. Russ gives much admiration and thanks to having a great partner in life, and is looking forward to many more years of adventure with his family and friends.

“I truly appreciate and feel fortunate to be included in the hunting staff with Kryptek. I have the utmost respect for our military and am humbled to be brought into the group. The gear has been amazing and I’m always excited about the new pieces. I’ve tested it through many western/mid west states, across Canada and Alaska, over 15k peaks in the Mid Asia and through the Africa bush. Kryptek gear has never failed me and I’m always confident to recommend it to my fellow hunters.”

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