Terry Bateman


Terry Bateman, MD is a practicing Anesthesiologist and Wilderness Medicine expert. He served our country in the US Army Medical Corp from 2001-2013 and is currently practicing medicine in Fairbanks, Alaska. Terry grew up in the mountains of central Idaho as the youngest of three boys who loved the outdoors. McCall, Idaho provided the perfect childhood environment to foster a love of hunting and fishing. Now, as an Alaskan, Terry has taken this love to the next extreme and is teaching it to the next generation.

Beyond being a board certified anesthesiologist, Terry is passionate about wilderness medicine and the unique challenges that occur in austere environments. From his first year as a medical student, Dr. Bateman sought out ways to incorporate his love of medicine with his love of the outdoors. At the University of Utah School of Medicine he began to study wilderness medicine and was certified as an Advanced Wilderness Life Support instructor. He continues to hold this certification and is working towards a fellowship in wildness medicine from the Wilderness Medical Society.