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Overwhites Jacket, Pant, Gaiter Set

Sized to fit over your outer gear, the Wraith camouflage super lightweight, packable, water-resistant fabric is designed for easy on-off wearability.

Hoo-Rag - Bandana Face & Neck Cover

Neck gaiter, beanie, balaclava, face mask, headband - all in one. This indispensable headgear is light and versatile, keeping you protected in a variety of conditions.

Kiska Beanie Cap

The camo Kiska Beanie is designed for colder weather missions where protection from the elements is needed but requires a lightweight breathable fabric.

Spartan Logo Cap/Hat

Full Kryptek Camouflage with tonal Kryptek Spartan Logo Helmet in the front, and sewn Kryptek logo Patch on back.

Zenobia Hoodie

The Zenobia is a Women's hoodie that can be used as part of your layering system or as a stand alone outer layer piece that will show off your Kryptek pride. A versatile piece in the Kryptek line up, you will find yourself enjoying it as everyday casual wear.

Wyot Balaclava

The camo Wyot Balaclava is ideal for layering or wearing alone. It provides solid cold weather protection and seals out the elements for the head, neck and chin.

Mars Hoodie


Ops Hoodie


Tartaros Hoodie

The Tartaros is a hoodie that can be used as part of your layering system or as a stand-alone outer-layer piece that will show your Kryptek pride. A versatile piece in the Kryptek line up, it’s perfect for everyday casual wear too.

Rockwell Coliseum Fit Watch

Now with Rockwell Fit Technology™, the Coliseum is designed to take gladiator-level use and abuse while tracking steps and calories burned.

The Coliseum is a durable multifunction digital timepiece featuring: dual time zone, chronograph (with 50-lap memory), countdown timer, 8 alarms, and live step-counter / activity tracker. The Coliseum boasts unmatched styling and comfort, complimented by our unique, stadium-style double bezel to help protect the lens from dings and scratches. The Coliseum also offers a CradleFit™ bracelet with a proprietary Prismatic Cell dorsal texture for ultimate comfort and performance.

The Coliseum is perfect for action sports, fitness training, or going out on the town. Available in a diverse array of colors and patterns. You simply can't go wrong with the Coliseum.

OWB Holsters

Kryptek OWB Holster made of all Kydex. Comes with a one year replacement warranty.

Outdoor PVR-100 Camo Visor

Essential camouflage hunting visor with cooling and moisture-wicking technology built in. Available in multiple patterns.

Outdoor PFX-700 Camo Hat/Cap

The ultimate no-nonsense hunting cap. Featuring a low crown, structured construction and superior moisture-wicking construction for comfort. Available in multiple camo patterns.

Outdoor PFC-150M Camo Hat/Cap

Mesh back panel camouflage hunting cap with structured build. Cooling and antimicrobial technology built in for comfort in the field. Available in multiple patterns.

Outdoor PFC-100 Camo Hat/Cap

Looking for a pure camo hat for your outdoor excursions? Look no further. Structured build with a low profile crown, and antimicrobial cooling sweatband. Keep yourself comfy and cool in the toughest conditions. Available in multiple patterns.


If you are saying to yourself, “camo just isn’t for me”, you are passing up what might just be one of the most truly innovative camo patterns in modern history. Originally designed with Special Operators in mind, the patented camo design is made for function mixing both a blend and a distributive layered affect yet is also fashionable with it’s reptilian like pattern. The Kryptek Double Hammock only available by Grand Trunk, is spacious, lightweight, made with a proprietary NO-stretch fabric and at 19 ounces, weighs less than your average camp chair and 1-person tent.

Aquillo Jacket

The featherweight, ultra versatile and packable Aquillo jacket is a vital addition to your backcountry arsenal. The Aquillo is filled with proprietary Hyperbolic, water resistant down that is proven to stay dry 80% longer than other water resistant down on the market. Designed for use in cold temperatures as both an insulating layer or as your outer garment.
$207.99 $259.99

Kryptek Proflex Hat

Kryptek Proflex Hat

Spartan Logo Hat

Spartan Logo Hat

Spartan Patch Trucker

Spartan Patch Trucker

USA Warrior Hat

USA Warrior Hat

Vellus Glove - Wraith

Vellus Glove