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Overwhites Jacket, Pant, Gaiter Set

Sized to fit over your outer gear, the super lightweight, packable, water-resistant fabric is designed for easy on-off wearability.

Hoo-Rag - Bandana Face & Neck Cover

Neck gaiter, beanie, balaclava, face mask, headband - all in one. This indispensable headgear is light and versatile, keeping you protected in a variety of conditions.

Kiska Beanie Cap

The camo Kiska Beanie is designed for colder weather missions where protection from the elements is needed but requires a lightweight breathable fabric.

Spartan Logo Cap/Hat

Full Kryptek Camouflage with tonal Kryptek Spartan Logo Helmet in the front, and sewn Kryptek logo Patch on back.

Zenobia Hoodie

The Zenobia is a hoodie that can be used as part of your layering system or as a stand alone outer layer piece that will show off your Kryptek pride. A versatile piece in the Kryptek line up, you will find yourself enjoying it as everyday casual wear.